Saturday, 26 September 2009

September Cruise - Day Sixteen

Bollington proved to be a very quiet mooring. We left in overcast but fairly warm conditions at around 8.30. We were soon passing Hovis Mill at Macclesfield.

The scenery south of Macclesfield is fantastic, with damatic hills and deep valleys. When we got to Bosley locks, a boat was just coming out the top lock so we went down and stopped in the long pound for lunch. The locks are picturesque, very rural, and much easier than Marple. They're deep, and made of huge stone blocks. We passed a procession of OwnerShips boats coming up

We've moored at Congleton, just past the aqueduct. It's a reasonable place for Alex to get back to Manchester in the morning.

14 miles, 12 locks. (198, 157)

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