Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Regent's Canal locks 2

Lock 8 is Old Ford Lock, which has what I guess used to be stables alongside. Above the lock are visitor moorings, which were full with boats. It's quite a nice spot, next to Victoria Park, Actons Lock (below) is number 7, in a much more built up area.

Below is the stretch leading to Sturt's Lock.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoying the photos - its making me look at the canal with new eyes as I'm normally wiggling the tiller under Richard's watchful eye.
Sue, Indigo Dream

James said...

The last photo is especially meaningful to me, but even more so to Amy. During her year in London, it was the stretch of the Regent's that she'd see from the bus window every day on the way to work; and we walked along it several times, vowing to come back with our boat when we got it. We didn't quite get there when in London, but one day we will....