Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hadfield's canals

A colleague at work presented me with these two books this morning, that he'd spotted while browsing in Shepherd's Bush. They date from 1967, and cover a load of canals that most narrowboaters have probably never heard of, including the Chard Canal, the Liskeard and Looe Union Canal, and the Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal. There are also plenty of fascinating photos.
And the cost? £1 for the pair. In fact, the bookseller said he'd do three for a pound if my colleague could find a third in the series, but he couldn't. That's a shame, because I'd like to see some of the books covering the more familiar waterways. But if Charles Hadfield managed to write two-hundred pages on the canals of south west England, I wonder how big the West Midlands book is!


Carl said...

Plenty more here, though they cost a little more than £1.

Lynne said...

Also, theres one on Amazon, which may mean it could be sourced through a library??

Although only a gongoozler, I am really enjoying reading your site, checking it everyday, (along with several other narrowboat sites.)
Wondering if, by the time I retire and can afford to do it, whether I'll be fit enough to join you all.
Keeping my fingers crossed!