Saturday, 9 April 2011

Indigo Dreaming

Yesterday, a day more like the middle of August than early April, I joined Sue on Indigo Dream for a trip through west London.  She'd posted on the blog that she was due to single hand from Paddington Basin to Uxbridge, but had been told there was a lot of rubbish in the canal and was worried about having to go down the week hatch.  So I volunteered to go along and lend a hand.

I arrived at Paddington Basin and found Indigo Dream under the glass footbridge.  After teas and coffees were made, we set off in fantastic sunshine, through Little Venice.  There were a surprising number of boats on the move, including an enormous hopper barge, pushed by a tug, which pulled out behind us.  The skipper asked us to warn any oncoming boats.

We made a couple of brief stops -- at a canalside Sainsbury's to buy lunch, and at Packet Boat Marina to drop off some rubbish.  We moored at the end of a fantastic day's boating just below Cowley Lock on the GU main line.  I'm sure Sue will do a much more detailed account, so I'll let the photos do the talking.

Little Venice

A40 flyover

Aqueduct over the North Circular



Bulls Bridge Junction

GU Main Line

Mooring at Cowley Lock

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Anonymous said...

It was lovely to have your company - and I'm very pleased that neither of us needed to go down the weed-hatch!

Richard has promised me a crash course in clearing the prop next time we go on board :-)

Hope you'll join the Indigo Dream again soon....

Sue, nb Indigo Dream