Sunday, 27 March 2011

Where to turn?

We've got an unexpected three days on board next weekend, as one of our fellow owners is unfortunately ill.

With only three days, we won't be going very far, but we plan to head south onto the Staffs and Worcs.  But it's not clear where it's possible to turn.  I know there's a winding hole above Wightwick Lock, but we'll probably get a little further than that.  Nicholson and CanalPlanAC say there's a winding hole below Dimmingsdale Lock.  Pearson doesn't mention it, and I can't remember.  Does anyone know?


Andy Tidy said...

Whilst Pearson does not mention it, there most certainly a winding hole immediately below Dimmingsdale Lock. Its where the water from the adjacent reservoir runs in and it is plenty big enough for Debdale. There is also a very good offside mooring just above Dimmingsdale Lock and that bit of canal contains some monster carp.
Have a good trip.

Jim said...

Adam, You can also turn just above Dinninsdale lock at the entrance to the private arm. Just where the "No winding" sign is obscured by the shrubbery! If you do use the official winding hole be careful - it's easy to miss and if you do you have to down the Bratch locks to turn. Take it from one who knows!

Adam said...

Thanks Andy and Jim. I knew someone would know, and should have known it would be you two!