Thursday, 31 March 2011

Birthday Cruise -- Day 1

One of our fellow owners is ill, so he and his wife had to cancel their planned three week trip.  It means we've been able to get a few unexpected days on board.  Today is my birthday, so we've christened this the Birthday Cruise.

I spent most of the day getting ready: shopping and packing.  I loaded the car and set off at 3pm.  At 3.30, I picked up Adrian from his office, and we headed for Norbury Wharf.  Much to our surprise, we were delayed only one, past an accident which had happened just minutes before, on the A34.  We arrived at Norbury at 6.30, unloaded the car, and set off.  Several of the other ex-OwnerShips boats were there at the end of their weeks, with the owners cleaning and packing before their final night on board.

It meant I had quite an audience for as I pulled forward out of the line of boats, and turned to go south.  It can be quite tricky to spin the boat around with lots of boats on the wharf, but it all went well, and I even got complimentary comments from one of the crews.

We've never seen the moorings on the Shelmore Embankment at Norbury so empty, with just a couple of boats there.  We pulled over after a couple of hundred yards, moored, unpacked, and went to the Junction Inn for a birthday dinner.


Anonymous said...

Many happy returns, and a few days on the boat is a lovely present (though I hope that your fellow owner gets better soon).

Looking forward to your cruising posts.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

nbchance said...

Happy Birthday Adam! Have a great weekend on Debdale, see you when you get back. Doug and James

Pip - nb Windsong said...

Hi Adam, Happy Birthday. We only missed each other by a week - we were at Norbury last Friday and went for Steak nite in the pub! Have a great birthday cruise
Love Pip & Roger