Friday, 26 November 2010

Winter Cruise - Day Seven

Another very cold night, and there was plenty of ice on the canal.  It was thick enough to hold ducks (although several of them did fall through a bit further along).

We walked down to Streethay and caught the bus to the National Memorial Arboretum.  The journey was only ten minutes, most of it thundering along the A38.  It's an amazing place, dominated by the armed forces memorial, but with dozens of other smaller memorials, to everything from Northern Ireland, the Merchant Navy, prisoners of war, and those who've been killed on the roads.  We spent several hours looking round, even though it was very cold, and it's often very moving.

We had a good lunch in the cafe, then caught the bus back.  It takes a bit longer as it goes through Alrewas.  But we were back at the boat and on the move shortly after 2pm.  As is becoming normal for us, we had the unambitious target of Fradley Junction, and we were mooring around an hour later.  We walked down to the BW office to dump some rubbish.  The moorings below junction lock were the emptiest we've ever seen them.

3 miles, 0 locks.  (60 miles, 64 locks)


Captain Ahab said...

Is the header photo taken at Seethay?

Adam said...

It is -- although it'll soon be replaced by a snowy one!