Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sarah's sticker album

Sarah from Warrior and now Chertsey has started a new blog, the Town Class Sticker Album, where she's trying to spot and photograph all the Town Class GUCC boats. It made me wonder how many I'd got photos of. The answer is nine ten that I can immediately lay my hands on, although there may be others that I can't identify. I know this is not really the point, because Sarah wants to see them all herself, but here goes anyway.

ALTON -- September 2009 at Bugsworth Basin. We bought a couple of bags of coal from Brian.

BALDOCK -- At the Canalway Cavalcade, Little Venice, 2008.

BARROW -- Braunston, 2008

BATTERSEA -- Braunston 2008

DOVER -- Braunston, 2008.

HADLEY -- With a wedding on board, Braunston, 2008.

NUNEATON -- Sarah's comment reminded me of this photo of Nuneaton, with the butty Brighton, stuck in a bridge hole, Uxbridge, April 2007.

NUTFIELD -- Braunston, 2008.

RENFREW -- Braunston, 2008.

SALTAIRE -- Black Country Museum, September 2008 (just behind President and Kildare).


Sarah said...

And that's Nuneaton in the foreground of your Baldock pic, so you've got ten. Reminds me, I must have Nuneaton somewhere.

Adam said...

And that reminds me that I must have a much better picture of Nuneaton, from when we saw Nuneaton and Brighton stuck in a bridge hold at Uxbridge...

Duncan said...

I'm enjoying your blog - and finding the list of other narrow boat bloggers really useful too.
Any chance of adding mine to it? nbPatience is at http://patienceafloat.blogspot.com/