Friday, 8 May 2009

Nantwich Marina

I've been to the pleasant surroundings of Nantwich Marina today for a boat test. The weather was mixed, with both sunny spells and showers. It was extremely windy, though, which made negotiating the exposed Shropshire Union quite tricky. An added bonus was that my sister came down to see me once the test was done, bringing my little niece with her. It was lovely to see them; Rachel has grown a lot since I last saw her a few weeks ago. Nantwich Marina has a nice little cafe where we had tea and scones, followed by a walk down the tow path, in an effort to get Rachel to sleep!


Halfie said...

I wonder if you were testing the boat we saw about to go on its maiden run when we were there just before Easter. My computer's broken at the moment so I can't access my photos, but I remember it had an unusual sliding roof.

Adam said...

Well that would be telling, wouldn't it?!!

Halfie said...

It's a pudding boat, then. As in "What's for pudding?"
"Wait and see."
OK, I can wait. (I wish the next issue of Canal Boat would arrive soon: withdrawal symptoms showing.)