Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Boating Blogs

I'm making use of a new way of listing my favourite blogs, shown in the panel on the right.

Rather than just the links, this system shows when they were last updated. (There are also options for including the title of the latest post, and a snippet, but there are so many blogs in my list I thought having all that might be a bit unruly).

Another option is to make the most recently updated go to the top of the list. At the moment, I've left them alphabetical, but I might try the other way for a while to see if I like it.

I've also had a bit of a clear out. Carrie on Blackbird deleted her blog a while ago, and Liberty Belle's website hasn't been working for a couple of months. So they've all gone.

I'm always on the search for new blogs to add, though, so if you know of any suitable candidates, let me know.


Nb Yarwood said...

What a brilliant idea, I love it! Dumbass question: how did you do it?

Adam said...

Hi Lesley

It's a new Blogger thing -- I noticed the announcement on the Dashboard last night.

Go into your layout and add a page element. From the list of options, choose Blog List. Then comes the hard work, because you have to add the URLs of all the blogs (and I then went through and standardised all the titles, just for neatness!)

It automatically detects the RSS feeds. I've changed the settings so the most recently updated are at the top.