Monday, 9 June 2008

Anglo Welsh

This is the Anglo welsh hire base at Great Haywood. I was surprised there were so many boats available: in early June, you'd have thought most of them would have been hired out. There also seemed to be quite a few boats around on the day Google maps took their photo.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised - I had an awful experience with Anglo Welsh - and maybe the news is out. I attach "the story"

We hired an ANGLO WELSH boat from Wootton Wawen for 5 days with another Australian couple. The rear toilet leaked all over the floor, spreading a dark stain into the companionway. We complained. They tried to fix it - I think they should have replaced the boat, but we were told to continue our trip and continue to take the boat back to base. The toilet continued to leak, filling the boat with the smell of S%^T, and the stain got bigger and bigger and the smell got worse and worse. The other couple (who were bunked next to the leaking toilet) decided to leave the boat. We prevailed on them to stay, but we agreed to take the boat straight back to base, which we did. We took the boat back early. The people at base said they were concerned and told us to ask for a part refund when we got back to Oz. The response to that was that our ruined holiday was our fault because we didn't complain enough. Evidently we should have complained again !!!!
DON'T use ANGLO WELSH they provide badly maintained stinky boats and from our experience are unprofessional in their dealings with customers. We have hired sailing boats in Australia in Moreton Bay and the Whitsundays, The Greek Islands and have sailed from Phuket to Langkawi on a hired skippered boat, been on Houseboats in Surfers Paradise, and canal boats in France. This was our worst experience EVER and we would recommend that you don't give ANGLO WELSH the chance to do to you what they did to us. We will never hire a boat from ANGLO WELSH ever ever again and we recommend that you don’t either - Use someone else, use anyone else – no one could be worse than Anglo-Welsh.