Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Who's pulled the plug?

Monday was a late shift and I was early, so I took a detour to Paddington Basin. Someone has pulled the plug, and the end of the Paddington Arm is dry.

The reason is six new buildings going up alongside the canal, in a development called Merchant Square. There will be offices, shops, restaurants, and a health club, as well as lots of flats. There will also be a new waterside square, not surprisingly called Merchant Square. There's a website with lots of information, include a film and a 3D image of how the area will look when it's all done.

The good news is that boats seem to feature quite a lot: they're in the film and moorings are shown in all the plans. I'm not so sure about the strapline though: "Adding water to the West End". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that the water had been there for some time -- and it's the buildings that are new.


Family Smith said...

Did I see Debdale..earlier this week passing the Cape of Good Hope in Warwick? I did shout over to two nice chaps at the tiller to enquire if they were one and the same Debdale but they had no knowledge of this blog...? Looks very much like the boat in the picture to me :-)
So...spotted by nb happyhome


Adam said...

I don't know. But that doesn't sound like the owners who were due to be on board last week. Maybe there's an imposter Debdale about!