Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dutton Locks

On Saturday, we visited family near Chester.  We were telling them about our plans to go down the Anderton Lift and visit the River Weaver during our fortnight on board in June.  It turns out that one of their regular dog walks is down by Dutton Locks on the Weaver, so we went to have a look.

On the way, we cross the Weaver at Acton Bridge, passed the Black Prince hire base on the canal, and went back over the canal.  We parked the cars, walked across a field, through a reserve owned by the Woodland Trust, and then came out to the weir stream round the locks, which is crossed by a rather nice white bridge.

This bridge (which is a bit rotten in places), appears to be earmarked for demolition, although there's no sign of anything happening at the moment.  There are two locks: large, and enormous.

Above the locks are the remains of a partly sunken boat.

It was a useful trip.  We spotted visitor moorings and a water point, and even though the river is fairly wide, it's not of epic proportions.


Captain Ahab said...

You will love the Weaver - its a little world of its own.

Dave&Chris NB Silkwood said...

We second that, the Weaver is a good cruise, did it last April as we are based at Acton Bridge.
We are out on Silkwood again late March & thinking of doing the Bridgewater for a few days.

Steve Parkin said...

The River Weaver is magical. There are some super quiet moorings and what can beat the Anderton Lift.

The wreck at Dutton is the the MV Chica. You can see a report of our trip at http://nbalbert.blogspot.com/search/label/River%20Weaver