Friday, 14 January 2011

Lunch, and a chance to move

We met for lunch today with the crew of nb Chance (well, most of the crew.  Oscar the dog stayed at home).  We discovered a few weeks ago that Doug and James live just a few miles away from us.  As they're in the process of having their new boat built there was plenty to talk about.  They're blogging about the build.

On the Debdale front, there should be movement in the morning.  Shutt Hill Lock is open, Tixall Lock doesn't close until Monday, and the ice is gone.  Some of our co-owners are making the journey from Tixall Wide back to Norbury.  I suspect it's been one of the longest periods of time that Debdale hasn't moved: it's a mere 49 days since the ice brought us to a halt, on 27 November.

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Halfie said...

Unfortunate to be held up by the ice, but at least Debdale shouldn't be affected by the stoppage caused by the rock fall at Tyrley Cutting. Bit of a pain for some, no doubt.