Friday, 11 June 2010

Zoe on test

The July issue of Canal Boat is out, and includes by boat test of Zoe, a widebeam by Piper Boats.  This test was done on a lovely sunny at Apsley Marina on the Grand Union.


Halfie said...

I've just read it, Adam. I was interested in the HMRC rule that to escape VAT it be "neither designed nor adapted for use for recreation or pleasure". Does that mean you're not allowed to have fun on board? Miserable expressions to be worn at all times? That socking great TV to remain unpowered? Or perhaps there's no propeller.

NB Skyy said...

Hi Adam

Thanks for picking up on my monthly problem. I think I must have gone into a time warp/senior moment, the latter the more likely.

Cheers Mac

Starcross said...

I have a suggestion regarding Adrian's train to London. I've responded to your comment about it on my blog.