Saturday, 24 April 2010


We left home at 7 this morning, heading indirectly for Cheshire.  Actually, our final destination was past Chester just into Wales.  But first stop was Foxton for a boat test, which included an all too brief spell at the helm up to Debdale Wharf, in lovely sunshine.  We walked back to Foxton for lunch at Bridge 61, then an ice cream at the top of the locks.  The whole place was swarming with people as usual.  In the afternoon we were back in the car, driving further up the M1 and cross country towards Chester.  En route, thanks to avoiding an accident on our intended route, we crossed the Caldon Canal at Froghall, and the Trent and Mersey at Stoke.  Then it was over the Llangollen at Hurleston and the Shroppie at Barbridge.


Anonymous said...

Foxton's an impressive sight - we must get up there sometime. It's hard not to cross canals in that area - makes a long drive so much more interesting.

Sue, Indigo Dream

Simon said...

Adam - and Sue, too - trains follow canals too, being built to do the same job not so long afterwards. The journey back from Stockport to London, or from Stoke, if you sit on the west side of the train you get all sorts of canal-based delights... ;-)

Anonymous said...

You don't think we might be becoming canal geeks do you? I was in Belfast yesterday, looking out of the train at the main river and trying to work out how the tide barrier worked - my colleague was conspicuously yawning and rolling his eyes......:-)

Sue, Indigo Dream

Adam said...