Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Shroppie stoppage

The news on the stoppage on the Shroppie keeps getting worse. The latest I hear is that the canal could be closed for four or five weeks.

We're not due to do that section until the end of our September trip, so it might be open again by then. If not, we'll just have to re-trace or steps to Norbury Junction via the Trent and Mersey. It would be a shame to have to change our plans (particularly after being forced to re-write them completely last September). But even if we do, we'll have plenty of other opportunities to do this stretch.


Anonymous said...

That's bad news for private cruiser but it must be devastating for the hire companies on such a popular ring. The Stourbridge breached shortly after we passed through last year - nothing to do with us, honest!
Sue, Indigo Dream

Jim said...

I do hope that the Shroppie is open in time for your trip - although at the moment I must admit I'm secretly rather glad that Starcross is in less danger of having its mooring pins ripped out by all those other boats speeding "round the ring" !