Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Apprentice

Each week, The Apprentice seems to make more of the contestants' penthouse's canalside location. The first couple of weeks, all we got was the view from the road. Last week, there were a few canal shots, and last night there was a moving boat. The building is Portobello Lofts, part of the large Portobello Dock development, on the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union, just off Ladbroke Grove. I must pop along there one lunchtime to take some photos.


Callum said...

That bottom picture shows the exact section of towpath on which I was knocked off my bike by a dog. Luckily I fell away from, rather than into, the canal.

Anonymous said...

The little glimpses of canal on the programme have been driving us mad - we just couldn't work out exactly where it was. Thanks for solving that for us. The worss is that we've spent the entire winter cruising the Paddington Arm and we still couldn't work it out!

Adam said...

Sue -- glad to have solved a riddle.

Callum -- for most people, cycling is a fairly healthy activity. For you, it seems, not so much!

Les Biggs said...

Sure has changed around there. I was born and grew up around that area in fact just half a mile from the dock.
Must cruise down the Padd` arm again and stop for a look around.