Friday, 21 November 2008

Farmer's Bridge

Friday 14 November 2008. The most surprising thing on this evening was how few visiting boats were moored in Birmingham. There were three at the end of the Oozells Street Loop. And that was all. There were none on the main line, none at the top of Farmer's Bridge, none on the visitor moorings at Cambrian Wharf. The other side of the Broad Street Tunnel, there were none by Gas Street Basin, and none along by the Mailbox.


Anonymous said...

Where are they all? Oh no, it must be pirates!
Sue, Indigo Dream

Jim said...

Love the photos, Adam. It would be nice to include one in a future OwnerSnips.


Adam said...

Hi Jim -- you can use one in OwnerSnips if you wish. Once I'm finished with this set of night shifts I'm upload them to flickr so you can get at them. If you do use one, a name credit would be nice!