Monday, 20 August 2007

Bloggers really do exist

I've been reading a number of canal-related blogs for years, and there's always a strange excitement when you see one of the boats for real.

On this trip, Liberty Belle was unexpectedly spotted moored at Springwood Haven, the home of Valley Cruises. Angela and Trevor usually continually cruise, but this summer Angela is writing a book of Warwickshire walks. Unfortunately, neither appeared to be at home as we passed.

Granny Buttons is one of the best known blogs, so I was aware that Granny would probably be back at base. Sure enough, as we passed Streethay Wharf, there she was (although Andrew apparently wasn't).

Later in the week, just before we left our mooring below Hillmorton locks, Snecklifter went past. Liz was at the helm, so we had a brief shouted conversation. Then later the same day, on the Oxford Canal between Braunston and Wigram's Turn, I spotted Gypsy Rover coming towards us. Again it was only possible to quickly shout hello (and again the camera wasn't handy), which was a shame as I'd have liked to hear more about Derek and Dot's weeks stuck on the Thames as Oxford during the floods. We did get a mention on their blog though!

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